Misc Games is a game developer located in Stavanger – Norway. Stavanger is the fourth biggest city in Norway, and often refered as the Oil Capital of Norway. Its located on the coast in south-west Norway and is served by the international airport Stavanger Airport, Sola, which offers short flights to cities in most major European countries or major flight hubs like Oslo, Copenhagen, London and Schipol.

Misc Games aims at developing unique games for various niche markets to drive the industry forward. To achieve this, we treat developers like human beings and video games like art rather than toys.

Everyone at Misc Games has a strong passionate about video games and that’s why we want to evolve the industry into something better. We want to develop games mostly towards the more mature and educated gamers. Our long-term mission is to become the world leader in ship simulation games.

We’re a experienced team of 7 members working fulltime and collaborating with several contracters around the world.


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